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What is the Radiant Phi?

The RADIANT PHI™ Cold Plasma Field (CPF) Device generates electromagnetic fields by means of two plasma tube antennas. A plasma tube antenna is a type of radio antenna in which plasma is used instead of the metal elements of a traditional antenna. Although plasma antennas have only become practical in recent years, the idea is not new, a patent for an antenna using the concept was granted to J. Hettinger in 1919. Plasmas used in plasma field antennas are composed of ionized gases with charged ionic species, active molecules and atoms that are enclosed in a confined space. The plasma fields transmit the simple to complex electromagnetic frequencies in the audio range (20 to 5,000 cycles per second). The Radiant Phi™ CPF is a safe and efficient means to generate specific frequency patterns for the Wellness Market.

The Radiant Phi™ CPF generator was developed by a group of committed medical application specialists, and an extraordinary inventor for the Wellness Market and has integrated electrical designs that have significantly reduced the risk electrical shocks and electrical shorts from the wiring that connects the plasma frequency generator to the plasma tube. The Radiant Phi CPF generator wiring carries only a few volts. In addition, the requirement of tuning the plasma tube carrier frequency has been eliminated by placing a specially designed transformer at the base of the plasma tube. The output from the plasma tube has been designed to allow the plasma tube to be touched when lighted without electrical discharge.
The wave forms sent to the two plasma tube antennas are 180 degrees phase shifted to allow for an enhanced signal with a low power output. When the body is interposed it becomes a conductor, and there is measurable flow the device. With regard to power output from the Radiant Phi™ Cold Plasma Field Device (10 watts), the “Star Wars Black Series Darth Vader Force FX Lightsaber” sold by Toys R Us has a similar power output level that is produced by the Radiant Phi™ CPF (10 to 15 watts). Fluorescent lights are plasma tubes with an output power of 4 to 8 watts. We have designed the Radiant Phi™ CPF for the Wellness Market. What is Cold Plasma? Cold Plasma is an ionized gas that functions as an excellent conductor of electricity that is affected by magnetic fields. Plasma, like gases, have an indefinite shape and volume, and are considered the fourth state of matter. The first three states of matter being solids, liquids and gases. Plasmas that are common in nature are fire, lightning, Aurora Northern Lights, and stars. A plasma antenna is essentially an excellent conductor that serves as a transmission line element for guiding waves or antenna surfaces for radiation or broadcasting. When the gas in the tube is ionized by high voltage, a current flows within the tube. The flowing current creates an electric and a magnetic field. The two fields created by the antenna propagate through space. Military ships and submarines also use plasma field antennas. Commercial applications of plasma antennas are used in ground penetrating radar, navigation, weather radar and wind shear detection, collision avoidance and high speed communication.
The Radiant Phi™ CPF comes with the Waveomics™ software to allow the following Wellness Programs to be played:
• Relaxation and Stress Management
• Enhanced Workout Recovery
• Feminine Wellness Promotion
• Sleep Promotion
• Stop Smoking
• Weigh Management
• Sexual function
• Joint Wellness
• Improved Concentration and Decision Making
...and much more!
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