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My Trapwater Diary

I first heard about David Hudson in 1995 while in New Mexico, and managed to hear a recording of his Dallas lectures not long after. I was captivated, especially with the historical connection. I started taking Etherium Gold capsules at first, then when I read David Hudson said they had almost nothing active in them so I stopped (current EG is reported to have a naturally occurring source quite high in ORMUS). Nothing much happened. No auras, no change of consciousness at all. I put the capsules up and forgot I had them. I was hoping for rainbows or noises, or a visitation by an ascended master, not really very much at all.

In 1995 I went to New Mexico to the Light Institute in Galisteo, and had past life regressions done by Pat Griscom (who had done Shirley MacLaine’s work described in her books). My Third Eye opened quite suddenly. Nothing has been the same since. I began to see glowing around people and even around trees and rocks and almost everything else, even on television and in photographs and art. I began to “hear” guidance, at first just single words or phrases, songs on the radio, books falling off shelves out of the blue, “chance” encounters with truly expanded people. I felt like I was awake among a planet of sleepwalkers. I started going to an energetic healer at the insistence of my inner guidance and spent a year going to weekly sessions to clear layers and layers of energetic debris and blocks. I was urged by the guidance to be scrupulous in eating (this changed and evolved on its own), to integrate the energy work by doing physical activity mindfully (walking, T’ai Chi, Yoga), and to meditate (listening for guidance) daily. It was very intense, and years of emotional and physical trauma began to clear. I was told I just had to handle a bit more than half, and the rest would go easier. It was true, but I still felt stuck. Chop wood and carry water, and mostly deal with the drudgery of daily 3-D life struggles to make ends meet and droll things like car payments and health insurance. I forgot about ORMUS. I did not eat right, exercise, or meditate seriously for a few years. Then relationships....and families. But the HS is very insistent.

These years seemed to pass. I began to record the guidance I was receiving and a book came out. I was told over and over to prepare for a move, and I moved to the mountains in North Georgia in 1999. The house had a spring water source and is in an area where I used to go camping and think how great it would be to live there… Now I do; dreams come true, but you have to have them to start with. Initially I though it was the area and the peace for which my guides had brought me, but it turned out it was for the water.

I began to use and drink the water in all forms (cooking with it, making tea and drinks, bathing and laundry, watering the garden—everything). After a few months I found myself wondering what was happening: I was no longer depressed, and I did not feel stuck In the Void. I asked my healer to teach me how to do energetic healing, and she did exactly that. I asked her for a book title that could teach me about the Ascended Masters and such and she recommended “Beyond Ascension” by Joshua David Stone. I got it thinking I was getting it to learn about the Masters but it expanded my vision. The healing became a side effect on the Journey to expansion and ascension, and led to attendance at several conferences, one of which is where I met Barry Carter and heard him speak about ORMUS. I knew INSTANTLY what was in my water at home.

On return home I immediately ordered a magnetic trap kit from Bob Winter, and I spent hours and hours on reading about ORMUS. I saw the Hudson DVDs and heard the CDs and read the transcripts, and it was like an old familiar song I recognized immediately. I finally got my trap, and began to run water and taste test the results. Even a small glass (4 ounces) made me dizzy and giddy, an effect it had as well on my girlfriend and neighbors. Then my hair, which was almost totally white, began to get blond again. I added magnets to the trap, because I deduced that more magnets must mean more ORMUS. I was wrong. The effect was immediate: no dizziness or “whirlies” or nothing. Ah, that must be why Barry calls it “subtle energies…” I removed all but one of the magnets on each node. North or south polarity seemed to make to difference.

It looked so easy to build my own trap, and Bob Winter had posted plans online at and this is where I started. MANY traps later, I used a high energy magnet around the barrel and a flat disc magnet under the barrel around the outlet, and the water produced was visibly energized and tasted sweet and had an oily film on it. This is what I have been drinking since, four ounces twice a day (rarely more and sometimes less or even none). When I drink more than a few glasses I cannot sleep.

I have "done" many fast and meditation retreats. My diet evolved from the typical grab-a-burger indiscretion to almost all raw and almost totally vegetarian. This is because other food causes a noticeable vibratory decrease which can be seen and felt immediately. My guidance expanded to daily writings, and I no longer told friends I felt “stuck” in the Void. I stopped reading other people’s channeling because my own was better; I began to manifest better: a job, a relationship that worked, a bit of financial freedom.

I have taken many commercial products over the years I have been taking ORMUS, many of which I have mixed with my own magnetic trap water. The effect has been a huge increase in internal vibratory rate and expansion of all my senses, some associated with particular products or substances I have made from online sources (like salt and sand and lye and such). I believe I am simultaneously "being" in many dimensional folds as I have consciousness at those levels with my physical eyes open. It has been very helpful to me to read Robert Monroe's series of books (three of them) on Out of Body experiences, as put in context I think this is what is "happening", though I am also certain I am doing this for me from a higher (wider?) perspective, which I call my Highest Self, HS. This inner guide has many suits of clothing and endless experience, and is me at a monad level (or perhaps the Monad). In any case, his books have provided a map of those expanded states, and some definition and structure for the left brain to use in exploration.

Intake of ORMUS will cause brain synchronization on eeg instruments within minutes of ingestion, and with practice and experience it is not difficult to produce deep delta and spindles of gamma for several MINUTES at a time. The most experieenced meditators can generate spindles of gamma rhythm lasting 30-45 SECONDS, but such states can be induced for more extended periods of time with binaural beats. ORMUS can induce the same. Sungazing does the same. Yoga and meditation have identical effects on the eeg. Melatonin and Pinoline and other neurotransmitters (Serotonin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, etc.) are released as a result of the changes (or perhaps the changes are the result of their release) ... Either way, the result is ecstatic and now channeled such that I remain mostly (60%) in my physical C-1 level consciousness body. This has been most intriguing but requires attention and discipline to control my mind as I can manifest almost immediately, and KNOW others can “hear” my thoughts about them..

I can easily see energetic auras many layers deep on people. I hear and see their guides, and their guidance, and provide details which confirm the contacts. Physical ills and things like cancer are immediately apparent and visible, and reading the fields allows what some might call mind reading and healing (though this does not mean cure necessarily). I receive verbal guidance about what to do and what to tell the person if it is important that they know something, but I am not clear if it is from their guide(s) or my own. I think it is the same. It is difficult to be in a crowd. Most people do not think about uplifting things or even have many happy thoughts, and the consumer and fear society we see and watch on TV feeds the fear and panic and consumerism. I find that I can when I allow myself. I am "hearing" the elementals and the nature divas, the faeries and the gnomes and leprechauns and such. I do not talk about it much, because it seems so unreasonable to my rational mind. I remember similar experiences as a child before it was trained out of me. But I am nothing you are not. What I AM, you are. What I can do, you can do. It was said in the Gospel of Thomas that "The kingdom of Heaven is spread before your eyes but you cannot see it..."

My out of body experience has been helped by my map of "out there." Mind awake-body asleep (Focus 10), then Universal Focus (Focus 12), then the Void (Focus 15) and the Rainbow Bridge (Focus 21), the first fully out of physical level where it is possible to "meet" your expanded selves and your guides. And more expanded areas beyond (all the belief levels including the Flaming Pits and Angelic Choirs, everything anyone has ever imagined), and then Focus 27. It is "there" exists the Healing and Rejuvenation areas, Great Libraries of Akashic Records and Planning for one's next physical voyage-- The Park at the end of the tunnel of Light many people describe in near death experiences. And levels more universal and senior than these, where HS resides, where God calls to the I AM from outside The Dream. This and more will you, too, do.

I have begun to "see" the ORMUS as an aquamarine and purplish iridescence and to “hear” it’s frequency. I have modified my homemade magnetic traps to increase the amount I can concentrate from my water. I agree that water can hold many many times the amount as a dry powder. I have observed hundreds (maybe thousands) of points of light as the proto-matter pops into the present universe time-space. I MUCH prefer the naturally occurring types to the tortured metals, and it seems easy to "see" who takes what (or has never tried anything) by the willingness to serve and the tone of their posts online. Color of the product matters little; intention matters a LOT. State of mind, moon phase, what is on the TV or stereo all affects collection and vibration. It takes time; there is no short cut, no express train, no Red Dragon to ride to Ascension. It is the vehicle, not the destination, and unless you know how to drive, it is hardly worth buying a Ferrari.

I cannot imagine what this might be like if I had not done some serious inner work. Schizophrenia, maybe. That reminds me—now all the schizophrenics on the street come up and talk to me and tell me about my aura. Maybe it’s us who aren’t quite right…. It is a matter of controling one's thoughts; what you think about manifests.

From my expanded perspective I can see that there is but one destination, an expressway with many entrance ramps. The idea is to build the Light Body itself, to increase the internal vibrations and to wake up from The Dream. I believe that ORMUS increases the vibratory rate to such a point it allows for exploration of the expanded "higher" energetic states consciously. It is in these expanded energetic states that what you seek can be found. You can come now, or you can come on later. But you, too, will walk the path of The Christ.

There is no beginning, there is no end; There is only change. There is no teacher, there is no student; There is only remembering. There is no good, there is no evil; There is only expression. There is no union, there is no sharing; There is only One. There is no joy, there is no sadness; There is only Love. There is no greater, there is no lesser, There is only balance. There is no stasis, there is no entropy; There is only motion. There is no wakefulness, there is no sleep; There is only Being. There is no limit, there is no chance; There is only a Plan.

by Robert Monroe, ULTIMATE JOURNEY

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