ACE Manna Abundant Cellular Energy

ACE Manna Abundant Cellular Energy


DANA DUDLEY'S ACE Manna, aka ABUNDANT CELLULAR ENERGY is a product researched and developed by Dana and a team of scientists, and is the very stuff that grew Tut the cat's tail back. Available inclusively through Cherokee Gold, sold by the gallon for $555, quart for $160 or 16 ounce bottle for $100. Expect a Miracle. This is the active ingredient in many commercially sold products from other ORMUS retailers and cellular rejuvenation products. Mix with other ingredients to produce face creams, joint creams, oils, and soaps, or take internally. EXPECT A MIRACLE. You will get one. It will give you wings. Therapeutic dose 40 drops a day in divided doses, maintenance dose 10 drops a day.

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