Environmental Harmonizer Balancer

Environmental Harmonizer Balancer


☑ can neutralize bad vibrations
☑ can enhance harmony
☑ can enhance plant health
1. This device is designed to neutralize bad vibrations in your house and create domestic harmony.
2. Place the device in the corner of your room, plug the enclosed AC adapter into your wall receptacle and turn on the switch. If the tubes or pads are touching one another the device will be less harmonious so it is best if they are kept
10 cm. or 20 cm. apart.
3. You can enhance harmony in your house by using this device once a day but you can use it twice a day if you wish to create added harmony. The best times to use this device
are mornings and evenings.
4. This device will also help you to concentrate in Meditation and Yoga practice by neutralizing bad vibrations in the air.
5. You can also enhance the health of plants through neutralizing bad plant vibrations and
vitalizing vegetative energy.
6. For use with plants place one tube or pad on each side of the plant and turn the device on for 10 minutes.
7. You may repeat this process for your plants twice a day. The best times for plants are 8am and 8pm.
8. This device is designed for experimental use only.

Software additional, download with Lifetine license.

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