Miraculous results. From Tinea pedis (Athlete's Foot) to herpes to blunt force trauma, hands down a seemingly universal remedy for a wide array of skin conditions and injuries. Originally developed for gram positive skin infections, but it works on fungal and viral infections as well. MINIMAL SCARS! Used topically as you might Colloidal Silver, but this has copper and potassium and Vitamin C as well, which makes it absord much more readily. GlacialBlue has been acknowledged by the FDA for topical use.


Wound healing at it’s finest . For burns, scrapes, skin rash, and more. Including MRSA and foot fungus, “A method of approach is to first apply it in emergency situations and subsequently discover the individual modalities manifesting without presenting all facets of the modality of action”   Stephen Palmer, Director of Research

Glacial Blue 16 0z., Quart, Gallon

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