Magnetic Vortex Water Trap

Magnetic Vortex Water Trap


This easy-to-use device attaches to your water supply to provide your own ORMUS water concentrate. It can be used in a sink or tub, or outdoors, and is hooked to the faucet with an adapter which replaces the aerator with a standard hose thread (not supplied) and washer or dishwasher supply hose (not supplied).

Ready to use, fully assembled sealed unit, you only attach the legs (which require no cement) and your own hose. These thin wall traps are configured for connection to a standard hose-type fitting, but adapters can be changed easily for the 1/2 inch input. They are smooth inside, with nothing to disrupt the vortex flow. We use a made-to-specification flexible magnet to provide a "smooth" magnetic field so conducive to extraction of ORMUS. The magnetic strength is specified as 1.6, and the north pole is directed inward. A disc magnet impervious to water is also applied to the inside bottom of the barrel (sealed in food grade epoxy resin), virtually duplicating the ideal magnetic field designed by Jim Waltonen, Barry's friend that conceptualized the magnetic vortex trap in the first place. We use a series of these traps to repeatedly concentrate the water to produce our own "Cherokee Tears" concentrate.

While ORMUS is everywhere, not all water has high levels of ORMUS colloids in it. It depends on the source. Well water and spring water are most likely to contain it in very high levels, but many metro water systems have surprisingly large amounts, especially if it comes from river, lake or stream sources. Heavily treated or recycled water does not contain as much, we are told, and experience seems to bear this out. We base these statements on feedback about the actual amount of white ORMUS "grease" produced with ether extraction and evaporation methods (which as far as we are aware is one of the only ways to judge this objectively). The more "grease," the more ORMUS. This "grease" can be used topically and has very powerful effects, especially when mixed with a small amount of oil (such as olive or grapeseed).

Compare our trap to others. David Hudson described in great detail in his lectures the effect of "subtle energies" and magnetic fields on ORMUS materials, and we have combined this smooth and subtle field into a specially configured magnetic field to provide the subtle energy he spoke about to literally levitate the ORMUS out of the water. STRONGER MAGNETS DO NOT MEAN MORE ORMUS is produced; on the contrary, Hudson describes how a sample of powdered gold would sit still with strong magnets, but that it would jump about with the "subtle magnetic field of the human body." That is why it is called SUBTLE ENERGY. ORMUS does not need to be shaken or shocked out of the water. Each trap is made to order.

Please be aware that we are constantly upgrading and improving our traps, and yours may not look exactly like the one pictured.