SA-2 Radiant Phi 2-Tube PLAZOMICS System

SA-2 Radiant Phi 2-Tube PLAZOMICS System


Invented by the man who invented the telphone answering machine, the Automated Attendant, the fiberoptic modem, the intermittent windshield wiper, and over 500 other things you use every day: Robert S. Bugash and equipped with free software with over 2000 frequencies. It works. Really. Comes with candles, globes available as add on upgrade. Comparable to the Model T Theraphi by Dan Winter and Paul Harris (actually Ralph Hartwell) at a fraction of that 30,000 Euro cost but with frequencies, not just one channel.

Output Tubes or Globes
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    20% restocking fee, repair/refurbish fees may apply; all bank or credit card cahrgees and fees, postage returned. Plasma tubes warrantied to arrive in working order, but are fragile and cannot be warrantied once in use (mic stands recommended). No unauthorized returns after 45 days; all sales final after 45 days.

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