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The RADIANT PHI Cold Plasma Field (RADIANT PHI™ CPF) Device generates electromagnetic fields by means of two plasma tube antennae. These plasma tube antennae are a type of radio antenna in which plasma is used instead of the metal elements of a traditional antenna. When the gas in the tube is ionized by high voltage, a current flows within the tube. The flowing current creates an electric and a magnetic field, and these fields created by the antenna propagate through space. When tuned in to specific frequencies, these can significantly improve the natural healing process at a miraculous rate. We provide these frequencies to our customers, and constantly update them several times a year at no additional cost! For the nitty-gritty details, click below!
ORMUS/ORMEs, short for David Hudson's "Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements," is the acronym used to refer to so-called high-spin state monoatomic and diatomic elements of the precious metal and platinum metal group, and others. The many names of ORMUS/ORMEs include Star Fire Gold, M-state, WPG (White Powder Gold), Universal Medicine, Philosopher's Stone, Manna... the list goes on. It is all around us in the air, the sea, fresh water, essential oils, and certain foods. You deserve only the best, so we make sure to source our products from the finest materials to provide a unique consistency. Our decades of dedication to the craft has gone noticed by the community, as our products are often imitated, but never duplicated. Don't take our word for it, experience it for yourself!
Integrative medicine is healing-oriented and takes account of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit). It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and makes use of both conventional and alternative ways of healing, using both allopathic western medicine and natural, alternative medicine. Our principles include an active, committed partnership between patient and practitioner in the healing process. We practice appropriate use of conventional and alternative methods to facilitate the body's own healing response. Consideration of the myriad factors that influence health, wellness and disease including mind, spirit and community, is significant. Whether you're seeking additional information, or you're ready to get started on this healing adventure, click below!
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