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Who We Are

It has been a long journey which began back in the sixties, and which finally led me to find out about ORMUS. For years I had heard the legends about White Gold alchemy: the dust that was left when unicorns touched their horns, the white powder found in the king's chamber and sarcophagus of the Great Pyramid at Giza when it was opened for the first time, the Philosopher's Stone of Power. And then I heard David Hudson speak in Dallas in 1995, and later Barry Carter, and the world of these exotic substances began to open for me.

I started by producing wet precipitate from various sea salts and sand and seawater. I bought and took almost every commercial product I could find and take. If the directions said one teaspoon, I poured myself a small glass. I drank gallons of water from magnetic vortex traps and grew huge tomatoes, corn with six ears per stalk, sweet grapes and apples, herbs, and other crops with the ORMUS precipitate. I, too, took pure the fabled White Powder Gold, The "Real Thing" and various Red and White Tinctures and Lions and such. It was a journey you can read a little about on the Trap Water Diary page.

And it all brought me all back to the water. Simple pure water. ORMUS is almost everywhere for free: in the water, in the sea, in the air, in many natural products like Welch's Concord Grape Juice, some aloe vera products, carrot juice, and such (read all about ORMUS on Mother Nature has been collecting and concentrating these substances for millenia in the so-called SUPERFOODS like Goji, raw chocolate, and pure maple syrup. To collect the ORMUS which is free for the taking all about us, one needs only a simple extraction and concentration method.

I am certainly very lucky to have such a wonderful spring water source. Ether extraction methods produce huge quantities of the whitish ORMUS "grease." Ether extraction is one of the only methods of verifying you actually have the colloids in the water, as there is no way to assay for the high-spin elements as they are invisible to common assay and spectrophotometric (and other) measurment devices. I have heard tales of the "grease" being converted to white powder, and even to metallic gold, but that is beyond what I am doing here at Cherokee Gold.

It is my purpose here to make reasonably priced and easy to use magnetic vortex water trap devices available to those who do not wish to build their own from parts they can buy at Home Depot or Lowe's, or any hardware store that carries plumbing parts (and magnets). FREE plans are available online (see the "LINKS" section).

And, because it is so extraordinary, I also produce some incredible ORMUS concentrated CHEROKEE TEARS water, as well as John Hudson's (no relation to David) White Dragon Powder available to those interested in concentrated ORMUS products. My personal experience with these things has been very exciting, and there are testimonials of hair growth, huge leaps in healing energy, change in hair color and skin texture, resolution of back and shoulder pain and chronic bladder infections, even regression of tumors and regrowth of teeth with these products. It seems to work very well on depression and pain when combined. However, I make no such health claims, for obvious reasons.

ORMUS from any source might not be for everyone. It is not meant to mitigate, treat, or cure anything, though many people say it does just that. It will change and enhance your life, without question, and without doubt you will have healing. Please read about it and think about it, because this is not a question you should answer without reflection.... In the end, however, ORMUS will find you when the time is right, just as you have found your way here.

Thank you, and, please fasten your seat belt

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